Potential Motors

Off-Road OS

Advanced vehicle control system for electric off-road vehicles.

The new brain of off-road vehicles.

A holistic vehicle control platform to get the most out of hardware and optimize performance based on whatever surface the vehicle is driving on.

Terrain Perception

Collect and analyze terrain data in real time with a curated sensor suite

  1. Informs control system on vehicle dynamics
  2. Opportunities for driver feedback features
off-road electric skateboard platform

Holistic Control

Integrate subsystems like torque and suspension into one centralized control system with independent control over each corner.

  1. Uses terrain data to optimize for the driver’s desired path
  2. Selects optimal control strategy for any situation
Potential Motors electric skateboard platform for UTV

Intelligent Vehicle Dynamics

Proactively and continuously optimize torque application and shock stiffness at each corner for the vehicle’s current terrain.

  1. Independent and semi-active suspension control
  2. Independent torque control

Scalable architecture

One architecture for products at all price points. No additional cost burden on lower-priced vehicles.

Hardware simplicity

Reduce hardware complexity through simplified architecture.

New product features

Offer powerful features to your customers to differentiate in the new electric side by side market.

The future electric off-road
driving experience.

Empower the new generation of off-roaders
with confidence, control, and flexibility.

Intelligent Resilience

Intelligent identification and adaptation to hardware failures. Keeps the vehicle driving straight and gets drivers and their families home safe.

Live Terrain Adaptation

Proactive optimization of vehicle performance for the present terrain. Optimal performance in every scenario.

Remote Vehicle Tuning

Ability to custom tune parameters through a software interface. No tools or getting out of the vehicle.

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Off-Road OS

Learn how Off-Road OS works and how it works from our team.

What is a vehicle control system?

Vehicle Dynamics Specialist, Mats Jonasson, Ph.D explains.

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