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Electric adventure UTVs and vehicle control systems

Off-road will be the ultimate recreational
activity for the 21st century consumer.

As off-road goes electric and on-road goes autonomous, the
off-road market will enter a new era of massive growth

Driving freedom.

As passenger vehicles become more about mobility than driving, more people will flock to off-road to experience the joy and freedom of driving.

Clean adventure.

New consumers will buy electric off-road vehicles to enable clean and quiet overland adventures.

Uncompromised performance.

With the proven performance and experience benefits of electric vehicles, the existing off-road market will make the switch to electric.

Electrification is disrupting
off-road just like automotive.

A new EV consumer.

The EV off-road consumer wants more control, more versatility, and more connectivity with fewer tools and less work.

A new vehicle architecture.

Building successful electric products requires new supply chains, new expertise, and new technology.

A new competitive landscape.

With no EV market leaders established and pure EV new entrants, OEMs must clearly differentiate to have a place in the electric off-road future.

It all starts with software.
The brain of off-road vehicles.

Just like automotive, the keys to differentiating and
winning the electric side by side race lie in software.

Potential Motors electric vehicle control software

Modular vehicle control

Modular on-the-fly control over the vehicle’s tuning and performance will give new off-roaders more confidence and veterans more control through changing terrain.

Simple and scalable architecture

EV architecture will be centralized and simplified through holistic control of the drivetrain. Less vendors, less ECUs, and more flexibility.

Future-proofed products

Maintain a competitive edge by introducing new features and improving performance through a simple and scalable software platform.

[See our P0 testing platform in action]

P0 is a 4-motor electric side by side UTV platform designed and built in house to test Potential Motors vehicle control software. 585 HP, Independent semi-active suspension, 4 electric motors.

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Off-Road OS

The vehicle control system for off-road’s electric future.

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