Electric Vehicle Conversions

Sam Poirier
President + CEO

Sam is a mechatronics engineering student with a background in designing mechanical and electrical systems in Germany for ThyssenKrupp. Sam has always been passionate about sustainability and is a visionary for an ecofriendly future. He is the leader of the Potential Motors team.

Isaac Barkhouse

Isaac is the electrical engineering lead on the formula SAE team and has heavily influenced the design of its electric race car. Isaac has automotive work experience in Germany working at Bosch in their electric mobility development division. Isaac brings technical understanding and experience,  as well as relentless motivation.

Nick Dowling

For two years Nick was the leader of the Formula SAE at the University of New Brunswick for the Mechanical team. Nick is a recent mechanical engineering graduate with a Technology Management and Entrepreneurship diploma. He is a natural leader and maintains a smooth operating business.